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3D Renderings and Floor Plans

Updated: May 25, 2022

Of the many services VAST Media offers, we take things to yet another level by offering 3D Renderings and Floor Plan services! This takes a basic 2D floor plan and turns it into a more visual and graphic 3D edition giving builders and buyers a great way to showcase a home before it’s built. Being able to help the buyer visualize themselves in the space before they can actually see the space itself is game changing.

When booking this service with VAST, you will work one-on-one with our team to ensure all details are as expected. Our team will take these specifications and turn it not only into a floor plan layout for each floor of the home, but add the three dimensional appeal. You will be able to see how the exterior of your home looks and feels, all with CGI of course. Once services are completed, you will have a 3D floor plan layout for each floor as well as an exterior image.

As always, we know that time is of the essence so we work hard to get these products to you quickly. Turn around time is usually 2 to 3 business days, but this is subjective on the scale of the project.

With VAST, we will customize the experience for what you need. Just let us know a few details you're seeking and we will run with it!

This service provides a valuable tool for builders because we can essentially ‘build a house’ virtually so the client could walk through (virtually and visually) a home without a structure even standing. The photorealistic images provide lifelike example of what their house could be– with realistic interior design to give it that ‘lived in’ appearance and scale. A prospective client can see how their cars will fare in the garage space, how a couch, table, or bed will fit into its respective space, or how a particular choice of material on the outside of the home will look. The opportunities are endless because it’s creating a virtual reality from your own ideas!

Not only can these services be used for your current clients, but it can be used to promote a property before the construction has started or before it’s been completed. This can draw in those clients who may want a new build that’s already been started, but has a hard time visualizing the space or look of the home.

And lastly, these renderings are not just limited to residential, but can be available for commercial spaces as well. This can help your brand visualize a space before the inner working decisions are made and completed.

As a true full service marketing company, we aim to offer it all!

Check out some of the exterior renderings and floor plans we've done below!


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