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Airbnbs Need VAST Too!

Marketing your Airbnb or rental property has never been easier. With all the services VAST Media has to offer, specifically our photography services, there’s no better way to showcase your space. The premier, quality images help market your place so it attracts guests day-in and day-out! After all, the photos are typically what solidifies a booking and matter most when guests are viewing your place in consideration of their stay. Utilizing our photography services will help you maximize your books because we deliver quality, professional images for you to use for your listing.

We serve many local brands who have invested in Airbnb properties and other rental spaces, whether they’re listing it on the real estate side to be considered a future rental space or adding the perfect touch through staging services. We may be your first thought for real estate listing photography, but shooting Airbnbs and like spaces is our thing too. Our team has the photography skills from listings and houses, to events and lifestyle, and even headshots and team photos.

On the same hand that images make THE difference for listings, showing your rental space in the best light would attract the max amount of bookings, so it’s important to use a company who you know produces top notch, quality results both from the angle of the shot to the editing put in after the fact.

You may question the purpose and usage of rental properties in Tulsa and the surrounding areas, but they are ever present. It’s not just limited to tourist attraction places such as Broken Bow and Carlton Landing who are no stranger to Airbnbs. But areas locally, many rentals have so much to offer and with the growing demand of using rental homes versus hotels, you can’t go wrong in creating your own rental space! These spaces are perfect for families or groups of people who just need a little extra room and looking to stay more than a night or two. They’re even perfect for those wanting to enjoy a little staycation. So why would you not want to ensure you’re highlighting all the best parts of your space to draw all sorts of bookings?

But what exactly does Tulsa and the nearby surrounding areas have to offer?

  • First and foremost, Tulsa’s downtown area offers a huge variety of restaurants ranging from breakfast to late night snacks. Bakeries and brunch open their doors early to mid-morning to accompany the early birds, while most places serve some sort of lunch option. Additionally, there is no shortage of dinner spots which make choosing a place the hardest choice. Of course there are the numerous options of nightlife available for those who may need some extra celebration.

  • Newer to Tulsa and highly acclaimed, The Gathering Place offers fun for everyone. The 66-acre park contains fun for everyone of all ages. But entertainment doesn’t end here, the variety of event spaces, breweries, museums, theaters, festivals, and even the host to the popular PGA Tournament– Tulsa may just surprise you.

Tulsa may be a small-town (in terms of BIG cities like Dallas and even New York City), but it has so much to offer singles and families alike.

If you’re looking to create an investment rental property, but you’re not sure how to market it– we’ve got you covered.

Maybe you’re hoping to benefit from the low cost of living in Tulsa and the up and coming communities in the surrounding areas, we’re here for it.

Looking to just spend some time exploring the city, relocating to the area, and bringing/starting your business here– we’ve got something for you.

VAST Media is truly a full-service digital marketing company– we offer it all and do it all so you don’t have to! Check out just a couple rental properties we've shot below staged by Widell Staging! Don't you just want a little staycation right NOW?!


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