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Becoming a Dedicated Partner at VAST Media - The Why and How

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Have you found yourself repeatedly returning to VAST Media for all your digital marketing and real estate needs? Since we are a one-stop shop, we see clients frequently coming back for more services. For repeat clients or new clients who know they'll be back, we provide the opportunity to become a Dedicated Partner with VAST Media! This All-Access Pass opportunity gives you:

  • Dedication - Your Personal Team

Receive your dedicated photographer, videographer, and project manager working for you for the year.

  • Priority - Scheduling + Delivery

Receive priority scheduling + post-production delivery of media back to you. We work as fast as possible to turn around your media specifically.

  • Discounts - Bonuses for You

With every All-Access Pass purchased, you'll receive a bonus credit to use as you wish... just because we want to say thanks.

There are six different levels to choose from that give you the opportunity to customize your needs and all there is to gain including a credit pool to utilize many of our services (as shown below), not just real estate photos.

Essentially we are partnering with you and your business as a repeat and investing client and we’d like to thank you for your trust in us. Because we offer so many services, you can utilize us from pictures and videos to branding to social media management and more.

There are many things to consider that come with our All-Access Pass.

  • Return on Investment

Our built in credit pool allows you to receive a return on your marketing investment as a professional throughout the year. The possibilities are really endless with the credit pool as you can try out many of our different services if you haven’t already.

  • Priority Every Single Time

Preferred scheduling & post-production delivery are important to us. With the AAP, we'll roll out the red carpet every single time. Since you are dedicated to us, we are also dedicated to you and we know time is important. You will receive preferred scheduling and delivery.

  • No Bill/Deposit Required- Skip the bill and deposit requirement at scheduling. Save time, avoid late fees, and bypass the deposit requirement. Being a dedicated partner included mutual trust. We know it’ll come, so we allow the opportunity to save time and skip the mandatory deposit.

As an All- Access Pass partner, you will also have an exclusive booking experience with different rates. To access this, just follow the steps below and check out the screen grabs. Easy as 1,2,3!

  1. When booking a service you will enter your partner ID on the Booking a Project Section.

  2. A prompt will appear for you to enter your unique to you Partner ID.

  3. Once you’ve entered your Partner ID, the screen changes to Partner Packages with the savings you receive! Just another way we want to thank you for being a Dedicated Partner with us!

Just another perk and way for us to say thanks!

If you think you are a good fit for becoming their dedicated marketing partner with us, please reach out and we’d love to provide more information and answer any questions you have! You can reach us at or give us a call at 918.212.4786.


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