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Branding & Design Services to Help Your Brand Leave that Lasting Impression

Updated: May 25, 2022

VAST Media is more than just a one trick pony. By now, you’ve likely seen and recognized our work with real estate photography & videography– we are industry leaders after all, but we offer much more than that! The biggest opportunity for our clients at VAST is that we don't just offer listing photography, listing video, commercials, etc, we go beyond that and offer a full brand identity and experience. Whether you're just beginning or you'd like a refresh of your branding, we offer a full-inclusive Branding & Design service to meet all your needs. We package your brand for you from scratch, providing you with the latest and most modern designs by our trusted graphic designer.

It takes just 7 seconds to make an impression and VAST wants to make every single one of those seconds count.

We know that you want your brand to provide that lasting feeling with potential clients and the perfect representation of you and your business. The key is creating something that recognizable, trustworthy, exudes pride, value, equity, and most of all– identity.

Our team will take your brand from idea to concept which adds continual value to your business. It’s how you’re presented to others and helps make you recognizable. From simple ‘golden arches’ to yellow and red, these things can easily be recognized and associated with a popular fast food restaurant. The goal is to enhance your brand’s awareness so that it is easily recognizable as well as representative of your ideas and company.

Some may be confused at the difference in graphic design versus branding. Simply put, graphic design is all things that fall under visual appeal such as logos, color pallets, letterheads, etc. Branding offers more of your presence while still including visual elements.

Beginning our services always starts with a questionnaire so we can ensure we’re all on the same page. Aside from the obvious basics, we want to know what your branding needs are, your budget, your ideal audience and client, where you see your brand in 10 years, inspire, brand as a person-personality of brand, specifics (icons, colors, brokerage- realtors) where will you use your branding primarily and expected time of completion. It’s important we understand your style and preferences to produce your needs to your standards.

We also offer multiple packages and opportunities to customize your needs with what we can provide–each package gradually offering more with the option to include add ons if wanted. By giving these options, you can pick what’s needed for your brand and how extensive you’d like our services to be.

To get a better idea of what VAST Media offers as far as packages and even examples, you can head to our site and check out the Branding and Design service portion.


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