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Out of Town Marketing

As of late, we’ve seen a big influx of out of town home buyers to Tulsa Oklahoma and the surrounding areas. With homes in high demand, countless buyers are making offers on properties sight useen. But to add to the competition, homes are in bidding wars, being jam packed with showings, receiving countless offers and many over asking price– the housing market is volatile!

Most of the time when out of town buyers are relocating, they’re typically on time constraints which aid their quick decision making, so it’s important that your home is in consideration with their decisions. To market to these particular buyers, you want your home listing transparent, trustworthy, and shown as it’s best. That’s where VAST Media comes in– selling your home to out of town buyers is 90% more effective when you utilize our services!

VAST offers multiple digital marketing solutions to best suit your needs and is unmatched in options and quality. Booking with us is sure to provide you the best packages to market and sell your house AND provide the best quality products. With buyers trying to benefit from low interest rates (that are now steadily climbing) and sellers hoping to gain from the exciting and hot real estate market, the answer is simple… VAST Media.

We create content that out of town buyers will be interested in and content they can trust. This is going to be their new home and they want to be sure it's perfect for their needs.

  • Our listing photography is sure to paint the exact picture of the house buyers can expect. If the buyer is not able to physically see the house, the most detailed pictures in high definition gives them the next best thing.

  • Our aerial photos shot with our drone technology help ease the nerves of location and provide a bird’s eye view of the listing. Buyers can see the house as it’s positioned on the lot adding to the transparency of the home listing and all it has to offer.

  • Our cinematic video tours showcase your property in a way that will awe your audience - from smooth movements to aerial shots, all in vivid high definition. This is key for out of town buyers. Being able to virtually see the flow of a house in real time helps enhance the new experience of the house they want to purchase.

  • Our 3D real estate Matterport scans let buyers move through your listing as if they are actually inside the home. It offers multiple views and options– including being able to measure spaces inside the home reassuring buyers their existing furniture will fit perfectly in the new space.

Selling and buying a home is a big step for many and our goal is to ease the process. Previous clients and listing agents trust VAST Media time and time again for their marketing needs and it pays off tenfold… literally and figuratively. Check out some of our happy client testimonials below for just another reason to choose VAST Media when listing your property for local and out of town buyers!

If you’re ready to start the selling process with your home, head to our site and check out all our marketing solutions and click Book Now when you're ready! Our booking portal allows you to be in control of the scheduling and customization of your needs.

We can’t wait to work with you!


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