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Tips to Prepare Your Home for Listing Photography

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

We’ve all seen house listings with pictures that could have used a little guidance. Kitchens with cluttered counters and sinks full of dishes. Beds and rooms unkempt. Piles of laundry on the floor. This certainly gives a whole new meaning to ‘allowing potential buyers to imagine living there.’

Here at VAST Media, we want your potential buyers to be able to see your home at its absolute best. Whether your house has hundreds of square feet to multiple thousands, we take pride in showcasing all it has to offer through our professional photography and videography. It’s why many families and businesses in Tulsa (and surrounding areas near and far) have chosen us for their real estate photography and marketing options. Our top notch photos and videos will instantly make potential buyers more interested and make your space stand out abovethe rest. We have top of the line technology matched with our trained team to give you the very best product.

So how should you prepare your space to be ready for it’s close up?

Let’s talk curb appeal first– this is the first impression of your home.

  • Driveways should be clear of all vehicles.

  • Trash and recycle bins stored away.

  • Lawn should be trimmed and neat. Clear of any debris or leaves.

  • Gardens should be rid of any unhealthy plants and thoughtfully maintained.

  • Trees and bushes- neatly trimmed.

The backside of your house should follow similar guidelines to what’s mentioned above, but in addition to this:

  • Be sure we have access through any gate.

  • Any outdoor furniture is uncovered and set up in a way that enhances your space.

  • Garden hoses are put away, if possible.

  • Pools uncovered and any accessories (like vacuum, etc. stored).

  • Animals put away/removed from the property.

  • If there are any wowing features, please leave them on so we can showcase it in our shoot. (Pool lights, hot tub jets, outdoor fireplace, etc)

For the interior, we suggest:

  • Removing and decluttering any unnecessary items; items that do not enhance an area of your home or that you do not want in the pictures or videos.

    • You know, that pile of things you’re going to sell, boxes you’ve already started packing, etc.

    • While we’re at it, that refrigerator with pictures, art drawings, bills, and anything on top? Decluttered and stored.

  • Blinds open allowing as much natural light into your home as possible! It’s our friend while shooting.

    • We also recommend all lights left on (overhead and lamps), but ceiling fans turned off.

  • Personal items in bedrooms and bathrooms, stored away. (Including children's toys, night tables, office space tidy, etc. ).

    • Showers and tubs should be bare with all toiletries stored away.

  • Beds should be made.

  • All clothing and shoes should be put away.

A few other suggestions are simple, but require a little preparation. If you plan to do any painting or renovations, we suggest it’s completed prior to your scheduled shoot.

It’s not necessary that you or the listing agent be present while we are there, however you are welcomed. We do ask that you remain in one location so that we do not have any people in our shoot.

As a seller, you want your home to sell quickly. Professional photos or video opens the possibility of multiple offers and offers over asking price. Who wouldn’t want that?

The primary place buyers search for listings is online, so your home gives its first impression through its photos–be sure those photos are what draws buyers in and book your photo/video package with us today. Click book now to get started! While you're on the site, check out our portfolio of previous clients!


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