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VAST Media’s Photography and Videography Licensing

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

We pride ourselves on the service and quality photography and videography services we provide; it’s what started our business after all! But because we are a business, there are legalities our clients agree to when purchasing any of our packages. These guidelines can be found in our terms of service, but are also going to be briefed here for better understanding.

Our guidelines are in place to ensure proper expectations and understanding both from us as a business and to you as a client. By ordering services from VAST Media, the client agrees to our Service Agreement for videography and photography needs. Transparency by us and received by you as the client ensures a smooth and efficient service from start to finish. Expectations are clear and everyone is aware of the cans and can’ts.

VAST Media does not sell photographs or video. Instead, we license the use of them for

the sell and promotion of a real estate listing or commercial/ event promotion. Photographs and videos are considered intellectual property– much like music or software you may purchase. You’re not ‘owning’ the photos/music/software, but instead using it for your specific need, which in most cases is the sell and promotion of a listing or event. In any case, the photographs and videos should only be used for what the client indicated during the initial agreement.

In the Licensing Release, only the client has permission to use the delivered photos and video on any electronic or printed forms of advertisement for the promotion of the listing. Clients may use these