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What is Digital Marketing and What Can it Do for Me?

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Three years old and growing rapidly, Tulsa based VAST Media is a full-service Media & Marketing Company that specializes in video production, real estate photography and videography, and several other digital marketing solutions. We serve locally in the greater Tulsa area and expand nationally to assist various marketing needs.

Not only are we immersed in the real estate world, but we can help advertise your business or special event, photograph professional headshots to help you represent your brand, create branding and designs for your company, and even assist with social media management and content creation. There’s limitless possabilites. Basically, if you need it photographed, videoed, managed, or created– we’ve got you.

As more businesses move towards digital marketing, there’s a bigger need to keep up with the trends and remain relevant and moreso, ahead of the curve. This year, the average person is predicted to spend more than 100 minutes of their time watching videos online. (InVideo) Our goal is to help ensure those minutes are more likely spent watching your professionally produced videos and easily discoverable by your consumer. We want you to stand out above the rest. With the latest and most up to date technologies, we are here to help bring your visions to life.

Whether our team is creating and videoing commercials, photographing new real estate listings, obtaining aerial drone footage, photographing headshots, creating posts on social media, or any combination of the aforementioned ideas, you will receive the same level of professionalism, quality product and service. There are numerous packages offered to ensure we offer a variety of your marketing needs. The quality, usability, excellence, and overall representation is tried and true (just check the reviews of our happy clients).

Investing in your brand is one of the most valuable successes for your business and who else to trust than a company who has worked with the nationally broadcasted television network, HGTV. Because your identity is important to your brand and business, it’s imperative that you rely on our chosen team handpicked by owners Matt and Jenna Giesow. We have the best team of professionals working for you and with you.

It’s what makes your business stand out and desirable.

It’s what makes your listing more appealing to potential buyers.

It’s what makes your headshot professional to potential employers and clients.

It’s what makes the VAST difference.

Whether you’re an individual, business, realtor, or buyer– we have something for you! Recognized as a 2021 Top 30 Marketing Agency in Tulsa, OK by DesignRush, you’re in the best hands with your digital content needs. To see what we can do for you, reach out and we’d love to hear your ideas. Just click the ‘book now’ option or send an email to


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