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What is Social Media Marketing & Content Creation?

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Social Media Management and Content Creation is something most of us see, probably daily, but never really take the time to question how it was created, planned, or managed. Here at VAST Media, we offer both social media management and content creation packages. Many businesses recognize the need to be present on social media platforms since just under 4 billion people worldwide are on social media. (Statista) And with that high number of participants, many consumers encounter advertisements daily. So, what does it take to get your name and brand out there? To get your product into the scrolling fingers of others often? How do you have the time to run your brand AND reach your target audience in a way most people will come across when the time is right?

Previously, commercials and ads were the more obvious answer. While commercials still exist, they don’t exist in the way that had before streaming platforms. I mean, a large portion of us watch the Super Bowl for the commercials along with the big game! Now we encounter more ads– some commercial-like, some more interactive, but the message always remains the same. “Buy my product” or “Become my consumer.” In any way, you want to be attractive to your target audience and attract them to your content or product. But, with ‘ad free’ streaming options, there has to be additional ways to get your business and brand into the hands of potential clients.

This is where Social Media Management and Content Creation comes into play. Think about the last advertisement you saw on social media. Was it an image or video? A GIF? An influencer promoting a product? Was there a TikTok, story, or reel?-- Each and every one of these options has a motive and that's to bring in clients and consumers; that’s how a business is run after all. But who creates these things? Is it always the name behind the username? It’s highly likely that there’s someone creating these images or videos and posting this content. This doesn’t mean the brand is being run by someone else, it just means the brand has chosen to do what they do best and outsource what they don’t. This could be from a lack of knowledge of staying on current trends or technology, lack of time, or any combination, but it doesn’t mean lack of participation. Many brands meet with their management and creation teams frequently to plan and schedule content. From there, the management and creation teams work to schedule and create content based on the wishes of the brand thus landing on your feeds. The ultimate goal is to create brand awareness and to stand out against competitors to help realtors and businesses sell and sell fast!

We pride ourselves on being a true two-fold company: creators and applicators. We can not only create the content but we can put it into motion for you. If you’d like to leave the socials to us, so you can focus on the trade of your business, then head over to, check out our digital marketing solutions. We are here to help so fill out our form to either BOOK NOW or Schedule a Call so we can get started today!


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