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Why Video Content Is Crucial in Today's Trends

It's no secret that videos lead content consumption these days with trending apps and websites like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Vimeo, and even Facebook (Meta) is jumping in on video sharing. So, it's no wonder that digital marketing solutions has become more of a necessity when promoting and branding your business and that's exactly what VAST Media is here for.

With several apps available at the tap of a finger, it's not shocking that people watch an average of 16 hours of videos weekly (InVideo) which is up over 100% from the previous year. With statistics trending upwards, it's imperative your business follow suit-- but where to start?

VAST is here to help.

Whether we're shooting real estate videography with home video tours or promoting your company, product, or event, we're already in the video and commercial game and we just keep getting better. (Check out our portfolio of previous shoots or our YouTube Channel)

In real estate, listings with video receive 403% more inquiries than listings without video. With this kind of exposure, your listing is sure to bring in multiple offers. In a competitive housing marking, it could make all the difference in the amount and types of offers you receive.

Commercially, whether on a social media platform or any sort of streaming or television platform, the purpose is to be seen. Sharing your brand, your message, or your event reaps benefits you want for your business. Our expertise mixed with your ideas can produce just the creative message you're looking for to give your company that extra boost. Since "more than 75% of all videos are [being] played on mobile devices" (eMarketer), it's important to bring your image to those devices and stay ahead of the curve. You're literally putting your brand into the hands of potential clients.

Videos are the way of future advertising. What was once brought to a brighter light during the pandemic, is now more of an acceptable way of life. Consumers are more comfortable with live videos and meetings. Much of the network marketing is done online in video form, whether it's small produced videos or previously recorded. Apps have begun to adapt closed captioning for multiple viewers, especially those who are deaf or hard of hearing-- or those who simply watch a video on silent out of preference. Overall, platforms are moving towards convenience of uploading and publishing video content. The facts are in the numbers: "Facebook has more than 500 million active video advertisers every month." (Ever Increasing Circle & Hubspot) If your business isn't a part of this, we need to get it in the mix-- whether that be on Facebook specifically or other social media platforms.

Accessibility and convenience are going to get your brand or product out there and it doesn't matter what that brand or product is. Bring on all listing agents, insurance agents, business owners, car salesmen, and more. If you have a vision to share, we're ready to bring it to life. Our team has the knowledge of how to shoot with your audience in mind and once we're finished, your footage will be professionally edited before we deliver your masterpiece.

Reach out to us to get your quote for your custom videography or other digital marketing solutions. Let's get your videos in the hands of your consumers today!


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