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Market and Optimize Your Property with Custom Listing Websites

Updated: May 25, 2022

Choosing VAST for your listing means you’ll be provided with a complimentary listing website at no additional cost. We believe our agents deserve the best service to showcase their property and help their clients sell their listings fast. While we know that websites may not be the language you speak, we are sure to set you up for success with our user guide. It walks you step-by-step through the different options and features, thus maximizing each benefit the listing site has to offer.

You want to market a home at its maximum potential, whether it be through photography, videography, 3D Matterport tours, or any combination of the three. But with the listing site, we’re providing the option to combine all the amenities of a home into one easy to use space where internet traffic can be directed.

We provide everything you need to make each listing a custom experience for viewers while showcasing the home exactly how you and your seller wishes. Not only is the listing website user friendly, but so is your customization side of things.

Check out a few features our listing websites offer:

  • The most obvious thing to be included would be your images of the house. Within this option, you’re able to organize your photos in the order you wish to present them, meaning you can showcase the most WOW-ing images right off the bat!

  • Branded and unbranded links provide you with options to direct viewers from social media posts, emails, even text messages to your listing website, or paste the unbranded link into the virtual tour section of MLS to sync the unbranded version of the listing website to MLS.

  • If you utilize our videography services and our 3D matterport scans, this can be embedded into your website as well. The professional appearance of a cover video makes your listing that much more appealing to a variety of audiences both near and far. In this day and age, videos can be crucial to the speed and price at which a house sells and you have an additional option of adding music or leaving the video without.

  • It’s easy to make the site themed and professional looking without complication. There are various themes to choose from and a preview screen to test each out before publishing any changes.

  • A part of the listing would be keeping the details in line. There are spaces to include property details and amenities, including size, bedrooms, bathrooms, garage size, lot size, etc.

  • To make the site uniquely yours, there’s an option to include your logo for your brand to further personalize the listing website.

We take our services the extra step and pride ourselves in being a one-stop-shop. With photography, videography, or the 3D home tours, the site is always offered and who wouldn’t want easy access to properties, its details, and its appearance. You can even update the online listing status, so that potential buyers know the current status of the home, so your site will always be up to date.

It's just another way we make the VAST difference.


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