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Why it Matter(ports).

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Out of the many services VAST Media offers, 3D Matterport experiences offer a huge advantage for our clients– agents and homeowners alike. We have the ability to scan any space to create a 3D tour and first hand experience. Click here to see an example of a matterport experience VAST Media has created for one of our clients. But, what is a matterport exactly?

The Who. What. Where. & Why.

Gone are the days of grabbing paper on a for sale sign and in are the days of ‘seeing’ a house or business without actually stepping foot inside. Matterports create a 3D experience for clients. Our team will arrive at your location, scan and piece together the space. On the listing site, you will have a variety of viewing options. First and foremost, it allows the viewer to tour the space as if they were there taking a step by step, room by room tour. Secondly, you have the ability to view the house like a dollhouse (an added bonus with multiple levels). Additionally, there’s the ability to measure spaces and walls to ensure furniture and other belongings fit perfectly in that space.

Matterports could make all the difference in client appeal since it offers a life-like tour. Clients located in other cities, states, or even countries can view the space and the target audience becomes vastly bigger. One of VAST’s clients shared the benefits of their matterport experience: "I ordered a matterport scan on a listing and the buyers lived in Michigan. The buyers were able to go into the scan and measure rooms, walls, areas to ensure their furniture and decor would all fit, as well as visualize themselves in the space." Being able to provide this experience for buyers sealed the deal since the buyers knew exactly what their home would be like without ever physically having a showing. They were able to know the flow of their house while being out of state thanks to this new technology. The buyers were attracted to the